Webflow design, development & Lean UX

My name's Pete. I run a small Webflow design and development studio in Bristol. I help teams of all sizes harness the power of Webflow, integrate Lean UX into their business, and create simple, sustainable software.

I've helped some incredible companies simplify their products and generate more business through a simple practise that helps them to better understand the needs of their customers.

A 3D illustration of Pete Blatchford
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Lean UX

Realise your product and service potential through a structured methodology of hypothesis, experimentation and qualitative research.

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Advanced prototyping

We help you test and evaluate your product before it gets into the hands of your customers with advanced prototyping, data-automation and mobile friendly responsive UIs.

A mobile phone in front of a laptop

Mobile first design

Substantial experience in the analysis, design & implementation of  simple, sustainable, pocket-friendly products and services.


Optimising operational efficiency at Apple

UX architecture and UI development for specialist internal software used by Apple's finance department.

Classified mockups for Apple Financial software design and development project
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Killing Eve

In search of the limits of Webflow. Spoiler Alert: They don't exist

This experimental fan site for hit BBC TV show features an arcade game with live leaderboard and accompanying real-time game management system to demonstrate the power of Webflow.

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The National Trust

Online events booking system

Following the Lean UX methodology, we created advanced prototypes of an events booking platform for the Trust's diverse range of members (and rewarded them with tea and cake from the NT café).

Redlined screenshot of National Trust events booking form
Screenshot of National trust event booking page
Screenshot of National trust event booking page on a mobile
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OVO Energy

OKR goal setting and tracking platform

Developed from within OVO Energy, Just3Things (FKA Cadence) was instrumental in maintaining the company's competitive advantage as it rapidly scaled from 5 to over 5,000 people spread over 6 offices.

OVO's Founder Stephen Fitzpatrick says: The software saved OVO more than £3m a year in lost productivity and endless meetings.

Screenshot of Just 3 Things OKR software
Just 3 Thing typographic scale, sizing, and naming conventions
Sketch of an icon for Just 3 things
Icon design wireframes for Just 3 Things OKR software
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Top Stocks

Patented stock picking tool for UK equities

Top stocks is a stock filter that helps investors identify the hottest securities in UK equities based on the consensus and conviction of 5 of the best wealth managers.

We interviewed Investors and IFAs, collaborated with analysts and conducted a series of usability tests during code iterations to create this application.

Sketched wireframe of Citywire's Top Stocks
Mockup of Citywire's Top Stocks
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Thornbury Nursing Services

Helping nurses find shiftwork

TNS provide hundreds of last minute healthcare professionals to hospitals and care homes around the country every day.

To accelerate learning, we built fully functional search filtering prototypes (with real data) using Webflow and Airtable, allowing the product team to carry out a series of build-measure-learn feedback loops.

screenshot of the mobile app filters
screenshot of a listings page
screenshot of the lsitings
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Raspberry Jam

Branding and events listings for RaspPi meetup groups

The Raspberry Jam is a global network of Raspberry Pi special interest groups.

LimeKnight created the initial brand identity after meeting the self proclaimed 'Jam-bassador': Alan O'Donohoe. I established the London chapter on and organised the very first meetup at Mozilla's office.

mockup of the raspberry jam website
Raspberry Jam logo
"The designs are superb, very nice job" - Liz Upton, director of communications, Raspberry Pi foundation
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Front end framework for over 30 localised websites

Citywire is a London-based financial publishing and information group. It specialises in tracking the performance of fund managers.

The brief was to extend the business into 33 new territories and increase the dwell time of recipients of the email newsletter by improving the experience on mobile devices.

Mockup of Fund manager selection screen on Citywire International
Screenshots of Citywire's responsive web design framework
wireframe sketch of fund manager profile for the Citywire website
Wireframe sketch of the fund manager ranking table for the Citywire website
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The Techno Tunnel

Augmented reality experience for whistle posses and horn crews

Our entry for Music Hackday 2012, hosted by Facebook.

This mixed media interactive installation transports you (and your favourite music) to an underground rave in 90s Rottterdam for a very special, personalised experience. NME called it one of the most entertaining demos ever and Wired magazine included us in the top 10 hacks of the year.

Mockup of the login screen for the Techno Tunnel
"One of the most entertaining demos ever" - NME Magazine
Technical digram of the hardware used for the Techno Tunnel
Screenshot of the Techno Tunnel  projection
"Ridiculous" - Wired Magazine
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Hyperlocal marketplace for perishable goods

Beakon was a marketplace for creating hyperlocal flash sales. We designed and built a fully operational prototype (including payments) at Google's Campus during a 24 hour hackathon and won the award for best design.

Mockup of the Beakon mobile app
wireframe sketch of Beakon
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Improving the accessibility of a huge hotel booking site

Hotel search and comparison site designed alongside San Francisco based marketers LynoMedia and in partnership with market-leading travel company Priceline.

screenshot of the hotelking website
mockup of the hotel king website on an iPhone
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